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Seinfeld music theme

IT'S one of the most recognisable theme songs of all time — but the music from Seinfeld that we all know and love was almost dumped at the. It was also here, at his Music Consultants Group Inc., that the theme to Seinfeld was born. Everyone knows Seinfeld's signature slap bass. Jerry Seinfeld, when he got his own show, famously did not want a theme song along the lines of shows like “Cheers” or “Facts of Life” or.

Few television theme songs are as widely known and distinct as the opening music from "Seinfeld." True fans will know that the signature slap. He says, "I have no idea how many themes we did for Seinfeld." Every single episode had a new version of the music that Wolff. This episode was the only one (other than the original pilot) with a different version of the theme song, which included female.

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