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What is libmedia? libmedia is a library of helpers dealing with media management, as a toolbox for developers to build their applications on Android. void *MediaMetadataRetriever::mLibHandler = NULL;. void MediaMetadataRetriever::create(). {. // Load libpvplayer library once and only once. if (!mLibHandler). android / platform / frameworks / av / kitkat-release /. / media / libmedia / blob: caaeb8eaec8cfbce [ file]. and are not part of the public API. This means that in theory, you should not rely on them. In practice, though. This app work fine up to i record call using mic and some audio settings changes using native lib like dlopen("") and use. iLix is an AOSP source built ROM (ie. not a mod of any sense based ROM), it's minimal, it's superfast and mostly bugfree. - avelino/ilix.

i develop one application i required load in application file in android up to works perfectly but Android not load. Free download page for Project MPEG Recorder's angelartpainting.comA real-time recorder and compressor of audio and video input for the Windows platforms, using. Detected problem with app native libraries (please consult log for detail):; unauthorized access to "/system/lib/". Android architecture Some typical core libraries are as follows: Bionic C lib, Libmedia library communicates with Media Server guard process through.