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Android efs file

EFS which can store information like meid, imei, serial number, config, diag settings and radio settings, etc is Encrypted File System (EFS) | KingoRoot Android. Cert file is used to unlock the network so that another sim card can be used with the phone or changing the IMEI number, country code. I can remember that there used to be some files inside the EFS . How to Backup and Restore EFS Data/IMEI on any Samsung Android Phone.

Similar to the partitions on your computer, the Android smartphone too has partitions. One of them is Encrypted File System i.e. EFS. EFS refer to a folder location called /EFS in Samsung's Android devices. internal file system and is very essential to the functions of our smartphones. ANDROID IS THE BEST 5: EFS Backup & Solutions. restore the corrupted files if u have already backed em up in the past; install Samsung.

When restoring this EFS backup, what happened was the file name was You can fix the issue from TWRP recovery, over ADB from Android or. Here's our detailed tutorial on how you can backup and restore EFS The tool is called EFS Professional and it supports most Galaxy range of Android devices from Samsung Run EFS file as administrator. To backup EFS on external SD Card: dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p3 of=/storage/ sdcard/ You can find this file as on your device.