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Data communication and networking ppt

Data Communications, Data Networks, and the Internet. Reading: Book Chapter 1. Data and Computer Communications, 8th edition. By William Stallings. 2. Data communication & networks. 1. Data consist on raw facts and using an object data can be easily get. while information is process. Contents Networking Devices Cabling (coaxial, UTP, fiber optic) Data Transmission Circuits Data Communications Parallel Data Transmission Serial Data.

Data Communications deals with the transmission of signals in a reliable and Networking deals with the technology and architecture of the communication. Computer Communication & Networks. Lecture 2. Introduction to Data Communication. Waleed Ejaz. Figure Components of a data communication system. A network is a set of devices (often referred to as nodes) connected by communication links.

Introduction to Communication Systems and Networks Process describing transfer of information, data, instructions between one or more systems through. This chap deals with the day-to-day network-management and discusses things The central data communication network organization should have a written. Business Data Communications and Networking 8th Edition Jerry Fitzgerald and Alan Dennis John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Prof. M. Ulema. Manhattan College. Communications model and application layer. 1 - 2. Multi-layer Network Models. The two most important such network models: OSI and Internet; Open Systems.