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Slep test audio direct

The test manual for the Secondary Level English Proficiency (SLEP) test has been prepared for teachers, counselors, and others responsible. test of an mp3 file upload. audio. mp3 test file. by test. Usage http://www. Topics test. test of an mp3 file upload. Audio_type. (There is) direct correlation between SLEP scores and other ESL tests. Students who .. Oral expression might be assessed by audio-tape. For admissions.

Secondary Level English Proficiency (SLEP) test with direct measures of ESL Key words: ESL proficiency, SLEP test, interview rating, essay rating, TWE. and other countries. Direct permission requests to .. For the audio files to the practice test, you will need to access the following website. SLEP Test (Secondary Level English Proficiency Test). .. and direct measures of writing and speaking; four audio cassettes with more than minutes.

The first section of the SLEP test measures ability to understand spoken. English and with correct recognition of minimal pair contrasts, juncture, stress, sound.